• Asmodeus


    Asmodeus believes evil and obedience are honed to a razor's edge in service to a greater purpose: that of bending the will of souls and the very architecture of creation itself to the greater glory of perfect order.
  • Crimson


    Ruler of Chicago, Crimson is the last of the Blood Gods. Her's is a complicated rule, as she expects extreme obedience to her laws, but does not follow them herself.
  • Darden'On


    Ruler and Leader of Hell's Forces
  • Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess of Chicago

    Elizabeth Bathory, The Blood Countess of Chicago

    Chicago's leader, Bathory's rule has made Chicago a city of lies, intrigue, and vampiric sacrific.
  • Lucifier the Morningstar

    Lucifier the Morningstar

    The lord of contracts and pride, Lucifier chooses to roam the Earth, smiting sinners as he sees fit. He leads an impressive army, and his allegiances are never known, but once solidified, are always guaranteed, as long as all of the conditions are meet.
  • Mephistopheles


    The Ruler of Minneapolis displays to the world a face of charm, wit, and civility; however, he is infamous for flying into rages when in private. Lord of schemes, and his plans are always, long, drawn-out, flamboyant and flashy.
  • Orcus


    The demon prince of death, cannibalism, and the undead does not fight for demons in the blood war, but instead seeks to create more undead, so as to gain more power. He rules from atop the Himalayan Mountains.
  • Pazuzu


    Prince of the Aerial Kingdoms, Pazuzu rules the skies above. The lord of lies, temptation, and corruption, Pazuzu loves meddling in the affairs of mortals.
  • Stanton Spobeck

    Stanton Spobeck

    President of America
  • Wei Hawkins

    Wei Hawkins

    An awakener.